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Heat map wvi
Posted on 18/09/2014

Wvi mapped the waste heat potential in its working area. The starting point for the heat map were 157 big energy consumers. 47 were located in the neighbourhood of new business park developments of wvi and 17 of them had a certain potential of waste heat. Finally, 8 companies were selected for an in-depth interview. The other companies are interviewed in the framework of other studies, wvi will add these data to the heat map in a later stage.

Here you can see the heat map, and a detailed example of the business park Ieperleekanaal:

The green dots indicate the companies with waste heat potential. The red dots indicate companies without waste heat potential. The orange dots indicate the big energy consumers that will probably have waste heat potential, but for which we don’t have additional data.

At the moment, wvi is further working on the mapped potential in the city of Roeselare and the municipality of Oostrozebeke.