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The general aim of the ACE programme is to set out a transition path towards a low carbon economy from a business perspective. More specifically, methods will be developed on a legal, economical, spatial, technical and social level to decrease greenhouse gas emissions from businesses, whilst increasing economical competitiveness in the project areas.

ACE investigates how to implement low carbon principles on three levels: individual businesses, business to business (B2B) relationships and business parks (BP). Guidelines will be set out to improve the energy efficiency on each of these levels and to organize collective production of green energy in an economically competitive way. Research will be based on exemplar sustainable industrial buildings and eco-industrial business parks and will subsequently be applied on the ACE pilot projects. The aim for these pilot projects is to achieve the EU 20/20/20 CO2 reduction targets, to diversify the traditional economic structure and to make business resilient to economic and climate change.

Furthermore ACE will start inter-regional co-operative networks to trigger cleantech innovation and knowledge transfer between the partner regions. The project does not only focus on attracting businesses in cleantech and renewable energy sectors but also on supporting existing businesses to make the transition to the low carbon economy.

ACE formulates an answer to a key question of sustainable development: how to de-link economic prosperity from increasing an area's carbon and ecological footprint?

EU 20/20/20 reduction targets
•       20% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions below 1990 levels
•       20% increase in renewable energy production
•       20% reduction in primary energy use by increased energy efficiency

More information: http://ec.europa.eu/clima/policies/package/index_en.htm