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The ACE objectives have been divided into five different activities:

•       Activity 1. Business Level
Apply low carbon technical solutions (energy efficiency, rational energy use and renewable energy production) as well as legal and financial instruments to reduce carbon emissions at the level of individual businesses and buildings, both for the  refurbishment of existing units as for the development of new ones.
•       Activity 2. Business to Business Level
Introduce Industrial Ecology principles to develop low carbon competitiveness by facilitating and intensifying formal or informal business networks and by encouraging the exchange and optimization of energy flows (collective energy networks and smart energy management) and material flows.
•       Activity 3. Business Park Level
Facilitate the incorporation of low carbon approaches throughout the complete lifecycle and in all aspects of low carbon business parks (master plan, funding, design, infrastructure, development, management, marketing), and carry out feasibility studies for collective green energy networks on low carbon business parks
•       Activity 4. Publicity and Awareness Raising
Coordinate the common project communication and publicity, and implement awareness raising actions for the target group 'businesses on business parks‘
•       Activity 5. Project Management
Achieve good management of the project content and finances with the lead partner coordinating input from all project partners.